iPhone SE Review

iPhone SE

iPhone SE


7.5 /10


9.9 /10

Build Quality

8.8 /10

Battery Life

9.0 /10


7.5 /10


  • Best Battery Life of all iPhones
  • Truly a one handed device
  • Cheapest entryway into the iOS ecosystem
  • Great Camera
  • iPhone 6s Specs


  • Screen makes it difficult to do anything other than casual use

When Apple revealed that the only changes made to the new iPhone SE were added 32GB and 64GB storage capacities, many were disappointed. General consumers and Apple Enthusiasts wondered, “Is Apple losing it’s creative edge?” or “Is Apple so close to perfection,there is not much to improve on.” ? Is it just another case of Moore’s Law at play? Read along as the folks at Labfreq attempt to find out.

The original iPhone SE was welcomed and appreciated for bringing back a more compact, one-hand-friendly design (the exact same design as the iPhone 5s) with better battery life than the larger-screened iPhones. With the same Processor as the iPhone 6s, the iPhone SE is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. Are more storage capacity options all that was needed? According to most benchmark scores, it certainly seems true- as they have the iPhone SE blowing past all other devices except the iPhone and up and the Galaxy S7 and up.

The iPhone will go down in history as the device that made it possible to run a business from your pocket. Other came before it,but it had the ecosystem to back it up.

So,no the iPhone SE is no slouch. It’s more powerful and faster than every Android on the market except the latest and greatest Galaxy flagship device. Either that or iOS is that much better optimized  than Android. Well run a series of speed tests between the  iPhone SE, the Galaxy S8, the LG G6, and the Moto Z shortly- and post the results.

Nice iPhone Sss…Wait, is that an iPhone 5s?

Yes,the iPhone has the same exact build as the iPhone 5s and there’s no way to tell them apart-aside from the words ‘SE’ on the back below the words ‘iPhone’. But trust us – that’s a good thing. The compact build of the SE means one-handed usage is a dream. For those who are tired of having to adjust their fingers with larger-screened phone will welcome the return to reasonable form. The screen only becomes a hassle when consuming or creating content. That’s when your going to reach for your iPad.

The iPhone really is the BEST option for designers, photographers, and musicmakers….but Android is closing in FAST.

But let it be known, the iPhone SE is one of the best smartphones for Creatives- so if you’re a photographer, videographer, music producer or illustrator- you really can’t​ go wrong with it. You can get it from the Apple store starting at $399, but Boost Mobile has a terrific online only deals on their on their site,from the 32GB version for $159.99 to $199.99 for the 128GB model. Check the review section above for more info

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