Edit Photos like Picasso with Enlight for iOS (App Review)




10.0 /10


10.0 /10


9.0 /10

Photo Tools

9.0 /10

Design Tools

8.5 /10


  • Excellent Blending Tools
  • Professional Photo Masking T
  • Endless Filter Options
  • Desktop-Quality Effects
  • World Class Touch-Centic Interface


  • Limited Text Design Options

This photo editing/design/WTF app is the prime example of a market disruptor. Just when you think the Design/Photo/Video software market is monopolized by an giant like,say – Adobe – personal computing takes a shift from desktops to phones and tablets. Giving software start-ups like Lighttricks the opportunity to swoop in and take the lead.

Take Enlight for example.


Enlight is a (more than) Photoshop alternative/competitor that aims to give you an app thats more of a one stop shop opposed to the broken-down-by-task , clustered-suite of apps that tend to run amuck in the App Stores today.

Sure, Lighttricks Ltd. has Photofox- a Studio version of Enlight ,Videoleap (Video-Editing App) and Quickshot (. They either expand on or complement Enlight’s Image Doctoring, Filtering, Effect, and Masking features opposed to overlapping in abilities.

The toolbar to the right of the interface is the main toolbar, where you choose the best tool for the job. It’s streamlined so that if you start from the top with the Canvas Tools, then work your way to the bottom – you won’t get too ahead of yourself.



From the usual photo editing tools like the ones organized in the Canvas and Image sections, to the creative tools in from the Filters to the Text sections Enlight features a plethora of options for all of your photo editing needs.

Enlight is free to download,but costs $3.99 to unlock it’s pro features. And if you’re A experienced Photographer who needs more power and flexibility than Enlight offers, try clicking 



Review Edit Photos like Picasso with Enlight for iOS (App Review)

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