How to create a professional quality song in 2018

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There are many ways to skin a potato. Likewise, there’s more than one way to create a professional quality song in 2018.

From Full-On Recording Studios that make use of state-of-art soundproof booths and sound absorbing, padded walls, to laptops in home studios, down to your smartphone or tablet in a public setting – there is practically no place you can’t jump start your creative process. In this article I’m going to demonstrate the process in which I go from capturing an impulse / idea when it strikes using my Android device, to a complete mastered song in a traditional studio setting.

Image Line’s FL Studio Mobile is available on every OS known to man, and is in many ways is a more traditional DAW than it’s desktop version.

As someone who learned how to produce using an MPC synced to a Korg Trition workstation using MIDI thru cables, I marveled at the virtual studio rack in Propellerhead’s Reason Adapted when I bought my 1st MIDI controller in 2007.(Article In Progress)

Article may include

  • Charts
  • Lyric sheets
  • Song notes
  • Reflections

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