How to create a professional quality song in 2018

There are many ways to skin a potato. Likewise, there’s more than one way to create a professional quality song in 2018.

From Full-On Recording Studios that make use of state-of-art soundproof booths and sound absorbing, padded walls, to laptops in home studios, down to your smartphone or tablet in a public setting – there is practically no place you can’t jump start your creative process. In this article I’m going to demonstrate the process in which I go from capturing an impulse / idea when it strikes using my Android device, to a complete mastered song in a traditional studio setting.

Image Line’s FL Studio Mobile is available on every OS known to man, and is in many ways is a more traditional DAW than it’s desktop version.

As someone who learned how to produce using an MPC synced to a Korg Trition workstation using MIDI thru cables, I marveled at the virtual studio rack in Propellerhead’s Reason Adapted when I bought my 1st MIDI controller in 2007.(Article In Progress)

This screenshot from within Garageband for iOS speaks volumes.

No longer can mobile music apps be viewed as “toys”. You can now add external instruments and FX to your  music making sessions. The processing power inside of today’s smartphones rival and exceeds the horsepower of all but the most cutting edge gaming laptops and workstations. Yes, that little device you carry around in your pocket everyday, can do 75% of the tasks the general public would typically need a PC or Mac for.  Regardless of your preference,  Android or iOS – you have all the tools at your disposal.

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