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Makeup has been around for centuries. To note that as of the mid 2000’s many trends have come and gone from the infamous Instagram brows, to contouring and highlighting, baking, over-lined lip liner or even winged eyeliner to name a few. As recent as this pandemic one particular makeup product has taken the makeup world by storm . Today I will be introducing, Maybelline Fit Me Tinted Moisturizer on whether or not this should be considered a staple in any women or man’s makeup kits. Is this trend a beauty or an absolute bust ? Let’s find out.

Ever since the pandemic has been on the rise while mask have taken over our daily lives. Many women and man find it hard to wear tons of foundation or any makeup to be exact. With that being said tinted moisturizers are the perfect compliment to foundation. The added moisture along with a slight tint of color gives off a natural effortless look. It is also easy to blend using a brush, beauty blender, and yes of course your hands.

For those who want more coverage this tinted moisturizer is buildable without feeling heavy on the face. I also noticed that this pairs well with a translucent power over top for a matte finish. I prefer a more dewy look on days where I want my skin to look plump and hydrated. There are many ways you can wear this product. If you’re more into a natural look just to even out your skin. Or you want a full glammed look for a night out without having to pack on loads of foundation but still want to look good. This tinted moisturizer is the way to go.

Depending on which drugstore you choose to shop at this tinted moisturizer cost only $10.99. Some store even price it at $9.99. Either way it only cost $10 or less to get such a good value for this product. Maybelline also offers it in 14 different shades for all skin tones. Compared to other high end tinted moisturizers this one surely stands it’s match. Not only is it affordable the coverage is better than others.

My verdict is this, I will say that although Maybelline tinted moisturizer is good. I would consider this product to be a beauty. Many can argue that it can be a bust, though that depends on personal opinion when it comes to makeup and how one likes to wear it. To me it’s perfect for my makeup needs. I will be repurchasing this tinted moisturizer for many years to come. I do think it is a staple in anyones makeup kit.

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