Camtasia Review: the Video Editor for Replays

Camtasia Review: the Video Editor for Replays
Techsmith Camtasia
  • UX/Interface
  • Transitions/FX
  • Features
  • Stability
  • Price


Techsmiths’ Video Editor is catered towards coaches, instructors, and those – who have a need to edit video with tools that allow for easy demonstration. While its UI favors many other non-linear editors – its strength lies in a well-thought-out toolbox.


  • Traditional NLE Interface
  • Useful Asset Library
  • Stable, no crashes


  • Mac/PC only,No mobile versions

Techsmith, the company behind SnagIt – has a video editor known as Camtasia. And some of our staff members just so happen to think it’s the next best thing since sliced garlic bread.

Camtasia Review: the Video Editor for Replays

Camtasia is a Video Editor that caters to replays, demonstrations, how-to’s, and showcasing screen recordings. It’s a full-on NLE, but its built in assets lean more towards those use case scenarios. Sure, you could import just about any video and make any type of content you wanted – but Camtasia fills a certain market void that makes it more valuable that it may appear during a glance-over.

Camtasia Review: the Video Editor for Replays
Camtasia’s User Interface

Camtasia has a UI that resembles most other desktop video editors, it’s only when you start to fiddle with the built-in Asset Library that you start to see the benefits of using Techsmith’s flagship program. Next to the usual tools you see like Animations and Transitions, there are a collection of new ones like Annotation and Behaviors. This allows for unique editing abities like showcasing correct form in an athlete’s practice reels, or even demonstrating software.

There’s also a smart collection of visual assets and effects that work for those who need to make a demonstration out of anything going on in a computer desktop environment. It also has a screen recording software tool, to make those sorts of videos convenient to make in one program.

Camtasia Review: the Video Editor for Replays
Editing one of our very own
software showcases in Camtasia.


Techsmith equipped Camtasia with clever, innovative editing and video enhancing toolbox; along with an intuitive, easy-to-learn User experience. For anyone looking to record their on-screen activity and make detailed, advanced edits – it’s a must-buy.

Camtasia Review: the Video Editor for Replays

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