Roli Equator Virtual Synthesizer $179
  • UX/Design - 90%
  • Sound Library - 100%
  • Features - 100%
  • Stability - 100%
  • Price - 90%

Adding Dimension to Sound

The Roli Equator is an interesting virtual instrument. Not only because of it’s sounds, but because of the way the sounds are generated. You see Roli, the company behind Equator, not only makes software- they also manufacture MIDI controllers such as BLOCKS and Seaboard. They have also innovatively created new expressions in electronic music theory, which they call MIDI Polyphonic Expression. This awesome technology adds new dimensions to your scores and compositions, and introduces new modes of playing.

Roli Equator Synth review: Adding dimension to sound
Equator Player View

With MIDI Polyphonic Expression, instruments like the Roli Seaboard allow 5DTouch – which lets you Strike, Slide, Glide, Press and Lift on keys and pads to create some intriguing melodies and chords. Eerie Strings, enchanting pads, and rolling basses are at your disposal with MIDI Polyphonic Expression.

Roli Equator Synth review: Adding dimension to sound

Equator has two views in total- the Player View, which is a straight forward mode that lets you get straight to gigging; And the Full View which has six panels within it’s view. Those are Synth, Mixer, Global- then the Modulation Panel and Mod List, along with 5D Touch Zoom. You can check out Equator’s sound engine below.


The Roli Equator is currently one of my favorite VSTs, along with a few others that I will introduce to our readers soon- but that’s not the point. What Equator (along with the rest of Roli’s products) represents to the world of music is something greater. I predict that sonic thresholds will be pushed and new genres of music will be introduced to the world with MIDI Polyphonic Expression and 5D Touch enabled instruments. Here’s to ROLI, and my plan that I have a hand in this future of composing music.?

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