Audio Evolution Mobile: Video Review

Audio Evolution Mobile: Video Review
Audio Evolution Mobile $9.99 (w/IAPs)
  • UX/Design - 85%
  • Sound Library - 70%
  • Features - 80%
  • Stability - 100%
  • Price - 100%

Audio Evolution Mobile is one of the newer DAWs on the rise, with versions for Android and iOS. Developed by ExtremeSD, it’s a linear multitrack audio and MIDI recording program.

Audio Evolution Mobile iPad Pro Screenshot

The Android version doesn’t stray far from the iOS version, with the only real difference is the ability to use other apps like VSTs/VSTis using (AUs) Audio Unit and (IIA) Inter App Audio technology on iOS.

On an iPad/iPad Pro, Audio Evolution could be used to replace a laptop in a home studio setup, provided you had an interface with the right inputs and outs. And you’re willing to invest in third party plug-in apps. You can listen to how Audio Evolution Mobile sounds for yourself in our Video below:


Audio Evolution Mobile is a very useful DAW, it comes in handy when you’re away from a traditional studio set-up and mixtape artists will find it indispensable. But seek more out of it other than it’s superb audio recording features, like MIDI music production and it disappoints. This is even more obvious on Android than iOS, at least you can expand your options with other compatible apps and plug-ins on the latter. AE Mobile can get you by as you primary DAW, as long as you prepare to take up it’s slack with additional software.

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