Beats Studio Pro: AirPods Max for the rest of us

Beats Studio Pro: AirPods Max for the rest of us
Beats Studio Pro: AirPod Max for Android and Windows
  • Build Quality
  • Audio Quality
  • Features
  • Battery
  • Price


Beats Studio Pro is Apple’s doppelganger product to the AirPods Max, offering many of the same features for Android and Windows users 


  • Hi-Res Audio with Beats Signature Profile
  • Same processor as AirPods Max
  • Spacial Audio
  • Lossless audio over USB-C
  • 3.5 Analog connection


  • Smaller ear cushions may be too small for some

Apple might not make AirPods for computing devices that they don’t manufacturer, but in many instances their Beats brand is the better bang for buck buy.

Build Quality

The design has been refined and updated with a studier headband (the gaudy beats branding removed ☺️), metal hinges where the headphones fold and touch/swipe controls.

They fold inward to store in the Beats-branded pouch that comes with the headphones, which also has two pouches for the included USB-C and 3.5mm cord for analog connection. You can also listen to Hi-Fi Audio through the USB-C cord, which will simultaneously charge the headphones.

The Beats Studio Pro stands at the top of the Beats headphones hierarchy – offering the most powerful audio drivers and the largest feature set. The Noise Cancelation is some of the best in the market and uses the same algorithms as the AirPods Max – as they both have the

AirPods Max for Android?

The Beats Studio Pro’s are compatible with Android Fast Pair, so they connect like AirPods would to iPhones.

The Beats app is the hub where you handle the settings of your headphones, like adjusting EQ or setting up features like the Noise Cancellation or Transparency modes.

The Studio Pros are rich in lows, with broad mids and tamed high frequencies. The high end doesn’t sound muffled or muted, but the subwoofers in the headphones there to dominate the frequency spectrum. The color and warmth of the sound the Beats Studio Pros produce is reminiscent of Subwoofer based car audio systems built to showcase bass heavy music like Hip-Hop or Reggaeton. They are good set of reference headphones for audio engineers working with similar genres of music, which is where the USB-C and 3.5mm connections are invaluable. There are also three personalized sound profiles for USB-C audio through its built-in DAC (Digital to Analog Converter).


We’re doing a in-depth comparison of the Beats Studio Pro, in Pro Audio environments like Recording and Mastering Studios; As well as comparisons to the top Over-The-Ear headphones in the market and will conclude this review shortly.

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