Black Unity Apple Watch 6 (28-day review)

Black Unity Apple Watch 6 (28-day review)
Black Unity Apple Watch 6 (28-day review)
  • Battery
  • Build Quality
  • Features
  • Fitness/Health
  • Software


Apple released a special edition Apple Watch Series 6 for Black History month, with a special “Black Unity” band and unique embroidering on the back of the watch’s casing. Besides the new aesthetics, packaging, and the fact the proceeds go to fighting racism and promoting inclusion and equality – this the same Apple Watch Series 6 we’ve all come to expect.


  • Quality Display
  • Top-notch unibody build
  • Good ‘smart’ capabilities without being too intrusive
  • Accurate and useful health and fitness features


  • Battery life should be better than 2 days

Commendable gesture by the one of the most popular tech brands, or ingenious marketing move?

Apple started off February by throwing a curveball out of left field no-one saw coming – a tribute to Black History Month with the Black Unity Apple Watch series 6. If you didn’t know by now – I’m a Black person of West African descent – Nigerian-Ghanian/ American to be specific. Nevertheless, I’m what you would call an FBA – Foundational Black American – my mom and dad, along with their parents’ parents, were born in the USA. Needless to say, I thought this was great initially. “Finally, a product I can wear that l allows me to embrace my culture, that’s forward-thinking and modern. A smartwatch at that”, I thought.

Then it hit me – “Man, this is really good marketing. So good – it almost feels opportunistic.” Eventually, I checked my pessimism. As an Af-Am man, who’s used to seeing our culture being exploited and misappropriated – I have a tendency to be guarded and apprehensive. So I bit the bullet and bought the Black Unity AW series 6.

What’s in the box?

The Black Unity Apple Watch 6 (Right) and the Milanese Band (left) which doesn’t come included – because – well, variety is the spice of life .

The Black Unity Apple Watch 6 comes with the Black Unity Sport Band, the Black Unity watch face pre-installed, with ‘Black Unity’ laser-etched into the back crystal of the watch casing – in custom Red, Black, and Green Apple Watch packaging. Everything else included, is as expected of the latest smartwatch by Apple – so essentially, it’s the Apple Watch Series 6 through and through.

It has the same specifications and build quality as the original Apple Watch Series 6 – a smooth, unibody build with a digital crown on the right side and a single button below it, the same aluminum case made of “100 percent recycled aerospace-grade alloy’, same Always-On Retina LTPO OLED display that over 30% larger than the series 5, same S6 processor with 32GB of internal storage. For the full rundown, check the spec table below:

DisplayAlways-On Retina LTPO OLED Ion-X glass display, 1000 nits
ProcessorS6 Sip with 64-bit dual-core processor
WirelessW3 wireless chip, LTE and UTMS, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5
NFCU1 Chip (Ultra Wideband)
SensorsBlood oxygen sensor, Electrical Heart Sensor and 3rd Gen Optical heart sensor, ECG, emergency SOS and fall detection
AudioLoud Speaker, built-in mic
NavigationGPS/GNSS, compass, always-on altimeter
WaterproofWater-resistant 50 meters
For a more inconspicuous look, switch the bands up and no-one would even know it’s a BU AW 6.

How does it work? – Daily Usage

Aside from being a smartwatch that tells the time and allows you to make and receive calls/texts, the Apple Watch has the most complete ecosystem of any wearable available on the market today. the App Store literally has more apps from notable brands than the Amazon Appstore has for Kindle Fire tablets. That’s insane. Fox News, CNN, ESPN, YouTube Music, The Weather Channel – all have official apps. So does Pandora, iHeart Radio, Starbucks, and Audible. Granted, some are companion apps to their iPhone counterparts. But, most are standalone apps that can be used on the watch alone – if you’re into that sort of thing.


The fitness features are what I was most looking forward to – making the most of my workouts while obtaining my Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach certification. Testing the Apple Watch as a virtual health and fitness assistant is what I was most excited for.

The Fitness App contains three rings to help you achieve your fitness goals – one red ring for movement, a green ring for exercise, and a cyan/blue ring for standing. Once you set your fitness goals, you can complete to rings by achieving your tasks: mines was set to 810 calories for Move, 30 minutes of Exercise, and 12 Hours of Standing. As you can see, today hasn’t been what I would call an active day for me:

The health sensors more or less work as you would expect from other wearables, with the EKG and Blood Blood Oxygen being the latest and greatest additions to the AW 6s capabilities. Fall detection remains a defining feature – and one that has been touted to have saved many lives once activated.

Fitness+: Apple’s latest lunge at Subscription services

Apple’s Fitness app expands into video workout and personal training territory with Fitness+. It’s a subscription-based wellness service that offers classes on Dance, Rowing, Cycling, Treadmill, Core, Yoga, and more. Your heart rate, calories burned, and more vital signs show in real-time next to your workout on the iPhone,iPad, or even the Apple Watch. It could prove to be useful during this pandemic were in – where safe access to gym spaces is scarce.


The Apple Watch Series 6 is simply the most advanced smartwatch on the market. It could do better in the battery life department, where other wearables like the Fitbit Sense offer up to 6 days. But it’s one of the best smartwatches available, only rivaled by the Galaxy Watch 3 as far as smartwatch features are concerned. Still, its plethora of exclusive features and vast app ecosystem makes the Apple Watch Series 6 the wearable to beat. And if you get the GPS+Cellular version, you don’t even have to own an iPhone – as long as someone in your household does (to set it up for the first time) – you can even rock the Apple Watch Series 6 with an Android! And for someone like me who loves supporting causes that are beneficial to my well-being – the Black Unity Apple Watch is a win-win.

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