Going Open Source: Making Music with LMMS on a Purism Laptop

Going Open Source: Making Music with LMMS on a Purism Laptop

Oh, yeah… it’s about to get real….

For the majority of 2020, we have been doing a lot of research at Labfreq – in regards to Big Data, user data flow, and the overall mass surveillance and monetization of our activities, interests, and browsing habits. As you know, there has been quite a bit of hoopla in the press about how Big Tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google earn their money off of horded user data to some degree or another.

While this is a deep rabbit hole that will take some time to cover, most likely over the span of several articles – and we most certainly will address the elephant in the room – User Privacy and Security is at stake. But for now I want to start off on a topic a bit more digestible to our reader base: Content Creation on Linux using Open Source software.

I have been doing a bit of grassroots R&D with a company called Purism, and their CEO Todd Weaver and CTO Kyle Rankin. While discussing how their devices – the Librem line of products – can deliver a quality experience with Top-Notch hardware running Linux without compromising user rights; The question most important to me that rose to mind was,” What type of compromise would someone who usually depends on proprietary software have to make in the name of User Rights, privacy and security?

So I set out on a mission to discover the answer, could I make the transition to Linux on Hardware endorsed by the FSF (Free Software Foundation) and give up the Pro Tools, FL Studios, and Abletons’ for good?

The Open Source LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) has 75% of the features of commerical software – for free

While I don’t quite have the answer yet – I will have at least an idea shortly – as I am currently testing out laptops from two PC manufacturers who ship laptops and desktops with their own Linux distros: System 76 and Purism – to see if that task could be achieved.

I recently published an article on Purism’s site, the 1st video in a three-part series – PureOS for Creatives. I spent a week wrapping my head around LMMS – Linux Multi Media Studio, which is music production software that is open source and available for free (on all OSes by the way), before I attempted to make a track from start to finish. If you’d like to check out the article, you can find it here. Or if you’ve had enough words for now, you can check out the video below. Stay Tuned.

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