Lenovo Smart Clock 2 Review

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 Review
  • Display
  • User Interface
  • Features
  • Sound


The follow-up sequel to last year’s Smart Clock, the Smart Clock 2 with wireless charging dock is more refined, sleek, and well – smarter.


  • Vibrant, Crisp Color Display
  • Improved Speakers


  • Still can’t view video streaming from home cams, etc.

With smart speakers and Smart displays set to join Smart TVs, smart doorbells, smart thermometers, and smart light bulbs in the quest to make your residence a smart home; Lenovo’s released the Smart Clock 2 as a control center for those who desire to bring it all together with the Google Home app.

An significant upgrade from the first iteration, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is an unassuming yet convenient addition to a smart home.

The Smart Clock 2 comes with a wireless charging dock, for a overnight charge, or a quick top-up before you head out to start your day. It has a 3.97 inch IPS display, with an 400*800 resolution. The clock has an gray, thick-fabric interwoven around the body, and a night light around the base. Two buttons at the top for Volume (- +), and there is also a dedicated button on the back to enable/disable the built-in microphone. The charging dock has an USB port to charge your smartphone/watch, etc.

A brief interface rundown.

Controlling the Smart Clock 2 is done in the Google Home app, and once it’s set up all actions can be executed with voice command and the Google Assistant.

Routines, are a powerful addition to a home, should you decide that you want to integrate lights, thermostats, and cameras – you can control it all from the Smart Clock. We won’t go into too much detail on how this works here, as we’ve covered it extensively in our review of the Smart Clock Essential.

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2, like the Original – and even the Smart Clock Essential – has changed my perception of the usefulness of smart devices in the IoT (Internet of Things) market. It’s useful for many of the trivial things we do daily, and one-way technology could help increase our downtime away from our smartphone screens. It’s a smart clock with a full color IPS display, audio loud enough for music streaming and clear and crisp enough for audiobooks and podcasts. It’s also armed with Google Assistant, making a random internet search or smart home automation a question or command away. The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is one of – if not the best Smart Clock available today.

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