LG G6 Quick Look

LG G6 Quick Look
With the smartphone market being ate up by the two-headed monster better known as Ap-Sung – (or Sam-ple if you’re a hip-hop head like myself) it’s refreshing to see a popular manufacturer bring innovation to the forefront and not be Apple or Samsung.
The 18:9 aspect ratio that has become the industry standard for displays like the ones you see on the iPhone X ,the Samsung Galaxy S8/Note 8, or even LG’s own V30 was first done on the G6. When it was released around this time last year, it was also LG’s best smartphone to date.
Other innovative firsts’ that the LG brought to the market was HDR10+ , Dolby Vision, and the 180° Wide Lens Dual cameras. These features might not seem as impactful to the average reader, but once you take in consideration that these features were implemented by Samsung two months later and (some not all) by Apple last fall with the X, and you have to give LG some credit.
If you like to learn more about the LG G6, we have a review of the device on Labfreq – you can visit to learn more about how my opinions on the G6. Or you could just check out the video below ??

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