LG V60 ThinQ: 60 Day Review

LG V60 ThinQ: 60 Day Review
LG V60 ThinQ UW (Verizon)
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  • Nice, Vibrant Display
  • Top-tier, flagship Performance


  • Only 1080p screen resolution 
  • A bit too bulky, even without a case
  • Verizon model has a frame with a gold painted finish that chips off too easily

The latest in the V-series by LG offers a few unique perks like flagship performance, a Quad DAC powered 3.5 mm headphone jack, and 5G connectivity at a lower price point than Apple or Samsung – but is that enough to sway users?

The end of an era for the LG V series

The LG V60 is the latest flagship smartphone by LG, and one that brings us to the end of the line for the V Series. I expected LG to knock it out of the ballpark with this device – in a fair tribute to one of the most innovative smartphone models in the Android landscape. Instead I was met with what seems like a rush effort, a mere afterthought in an attempt to accelerate the next phase of LG flagship devices.

The LG V60 is a behemoth of a smartphone, packing an 6.8 inch display, 128GB of Internal Storage, and 8GB of RAM. It has the latest and greatest silicon for Androids in 2020, the Snapdragon 865 – and a slow-sipping 5000MaH battery. In our testing, On the camera front, it has a 64MP Standard (capable of capable of 8K video recording) a 13MP Ultra-Wide, and an 117° FOV Z Camera for depth on the rear , with a 10MP front facing lens.

All hail the Duel, or another useless gimmicky tool?

Measuring at about 6.9 inches diagonally , the V60 is burdened with a decent amount of thickness – even for someone with hands large as mine. The beveled edges go a long way towards making the device one hand-able, but that’s canceled out once the Dual Screen case is equipped. Nevertheless, the Dual Screen case is an impressive accessory.

It serves a great protective case and it has some useful multitasking abilities, but combined with the size of the phone, it simply makes the device too bulky to carry around every day. I used it as a phone mount for video chat and camera use more than anything else.


The V60 ticks all the right boxes of a 2020 flagship smartphone: the latest Snapdragon 865 processor, plenty of RAM and storage, a big bright display, and a beefy battery. The Dual Screen is an innovative addition to the overall package, but it makes an already huge device seem even more unwieldy. There’s nothing wrong with the V60, but there’s nothing extraordinary about it either. It’s a great phone that will knock any task out of the ballpark and meet any threshold you pus it to with flying colors. But so does other devices – which cost half the $900 asking price Verizon is charging for their Ultra Wideband enabled V60. And the build quality, particularly the gold paint finish on the aluminum sides is questionable on the Verizon model. The phone has all the internals needed to make it a true 2020 flagship, but there are too many options out there that can match the V60’s spec sheet for hundreds less. But if you can find it on sale with the dual screen included – you wont be disappointed.

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