Review: PUBG Mobile – New Map: Livik

Review: PUBG Mobile – New Map: Livik
PUBG Mobile - New Map: Livid Game Review
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Players Unknown Battleground Mobile (Pubg Mobile) Is an action-packed multiplayer shooting game. With 100s of players finding themselves jumping out of a plane and parachuting onto an island or destination as they so desire. 


Pubg Mobile made its debut to mobile platforms in 2017. However, it became even more popular in April-May of 2018. Pubg Mobiles’ main popularity stems from the accessibility of being able to play a battle royal pc game on one’s mobile device. Whether you decide to play Classic Battle Royal or Death-matches Pubg Mobile makes gameplay enjoyable, entertaining, and exciting. On another note, Battle Royal consists of 100s of players with teams of 4 each parachuting themselves and scattering around different parts of the map working together with one purpose in mind to eliminate as many opponents as you can. Ultimately being the last man standing for yourself or your teammates. The feeling of going into a battle royal aiming to be the last person alive is the greatest thrill for any gamer. Becoming the “last man standing” not only gives you popularity but always ensures you’ll unlock incredible gifts and crates to help upgrade your wardrobe and weaponry. 

Earlier in July (2020), an update was released that added ‘Livik’ – a map inspired by Nordic-styled environments. It’s a smaller map, measuring 2kmx2km with 52 players. The smaller map promotes faster, more intense experiences. Livik is broken into six zones and offers rich and diverse environments, from volcanic areas with sparse vegetation to mountains covered in snow. Two exclusive weapons, the SMG P90 and Marksman Rifle MK12, as well as a new Barrel Extender and a Monster Truck, will also be available – exclusively in Livik.


Screen Icons and Displays are featured in the above image

With distinct display of graphics pubg mobile features many on screen icons, motions, and most importantly a wide view range of the arena. From my experiences playing PubG Mobile the graphics exceeded my expectations. As I expected 240p of imaging but instead got 1080p of action packed realness in each game. To the left of your screen is a scroll icon allowing players to move their camera view from left to right and even 360 if that’s what you desire. Team Death-Match arena displays its graphics of crates and broken down barns as the map. It’s depiction of an actual walls, crates, wood, guns and people. Making players feel as if their are in the actual virtual reality. Pubg accurately displays images of objects within arena allows for a sense of uniqueness.


For starters, Pubg Mobile does offer arena training and Cheer Park which is a place where players can go to practice their skills and interact with others to form friendships or create teams. If you’re anything like me, a girl whose terrible at first person shooting games. I found that arena training to be quite helpful. It allowed me to become familiar with the controls. And have a feel of how a match would actually be without all the hassle of getting killed everytime. Arena training is perfect for those who are just begining/starting out who aren’t quite sure how to handle all the controls. Overtime, the more you practice the better you’ll become and the faster you move in game. 

Arena Training- Players are able to pick up weapons, ammunition in order to help their game play.)

Moreover; the key component of Pubg Mobile is you guessed it “Survival”. For example Team Death-match offers First Person view of the game in which the player is essentially playing to kill opponents and at best try not to get killed during game play. Although you’re able to respawn after each death the objective of each “deathmatch” game is to get to the 40 points before your opponents do. You and your teammates camp and run around the arena in order to kill your opponents. In order to “win” or gain the victory it’s important to work together as a team. Pubg Mobile also offers first person and third person views. Which allows players to choose which view is suitable for their ideal game play. 

This arena is called Team Death-match

Glitches and Cheating Galore

While glitching is something that’s a more controllable issue, cheating opponents is something Tencent really needs to get a grip on. Glitching seems to occur when connected to a congested wi-fi network, or when playing on mobile data and I have a weak signal. Based on our personal experience during the review, the game ran smoother on a strong mobile data connection.

During the game I noticed how several players who were on the United States server had foreign names and letters who didn’t speak English. From our experience this has been the most common cheating we’ve encountered. Alongside other cheats that include speed boost, auto aim, wall hacks.

Sometimes you just don’t choose a smart place to land…


PubG Mobile is best known for its Classic or in this case the Battle Royal.  Which features 100 players placed onto a map fighting against each other on teams of 4. Except for this time “Survival” is the true name of the game. As long as you survive until the very end it doesn’t matter how many kills you get in-game. Once you land into the map the main objectives are to collect, survive, and kill. Survival comes into play since you have to constantly move around the arena in order to kill off other opponents and keep from getting yourself killed. Factor in the importance to collect as many weapons, ammo, helmets, armor, and protection. 

No matter how many kills you get whether it’s 1 or 30. The biggest take away from playing Battle Royal is to Survive. Winning 1st plce, basically being the last one standing in Battle Royal is the biggest achievement any player wishes to accomplish in this game. Not only for the title but also for the awesome prizes and gifts you obtain from winning. 

Again players are able to select their view of first person or third person camera. Personally for me, PubG Mobile is more enjoyable in a first-person view. Although I have yet to win in a Battle Royal. Playing PubG Mobile with my mate is exciting and entertaining. Anybody at the age of 10+ will have an enjoyable time playing Pubg Mobile. 

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