Top 5 Audio Brands of 2023

Top 5 Audio Brands of 2023

There are many AEMs (Audio Equipment Manufacturers) who make products that are decent enough to market as the best, at times the plethora of options can be overwhelming to the average consumer.

This is where we come in handy, where we break down the top 5 brands behind some of the best quality Headphones, Earphones, Microphones and more into a cohesive list.

5. Blue/Logitech

Blue Microphones merged with Logitech a few years ago, bringing their audio expertise and quality microphone lineup to the popular electronic accessory maker.

Blue’s Yeti line-up of Streaming USB Microphones are popular amongst game streamers and podcasters, but they’ve been major players in the pro audio market for years with their XLR mics. The $3999 Blue Bottle Flagship Tube Mic is a studio mainstay.

4. Samson

Samson has an extensive USB microphone lineup

Samson is another reliable audio brand, whose USB microphones are usually on display and in stock at local stores like Best Buy or Target. They’ve been in the game since XLR’s were the only way to go, with their CO1, CO2, and CO2 Condenser mics being must have studio staples.

3. Audient

Audient is a audio brand out of the UK, with 20+years of expertise under their belts. They make everything from Audio Interfaces, Mixers, Microphones and more with a history of developing analog gear. Their no slouches in the digital workspace though, with their EVO Start Recording Bundle being quite mobile AND packed with Android,iOS, MacOS an Windows compatibility.

2. Rode

The Rodecaster Pro II is one the most versatile Audio Production Studios on the market today.

Rode has been riding the wave of dominance since their all-in-one systems invigorated public interest. The awesome RodeCaster Pro II, a follow-up to their renowned Rodecaster series – has every few contenders in the Streaming and Podcasting space; but its equally at home in a recording studio or News Agency.

1. JLab

JLab is the newest company on this list, but one that is rising fast as a respected audio brand. They are known for their wireless earbuds and headphones, as you might have seen the brands logo in your local dept. store – but what many people aren’t aware of us they also make webcams, USB Microphones like the Epic Talk , and the Studio Pro Over-Ear Studio monitors. JLab is quickly becoming known for making products at very reasonable very reasonable prices while retaining high quality control and quality output.

This rounds up out list of our top five Audio Brands (Hardware) for 2023, but we also have software, and entertainment categories to cover – so stay tuned!

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