Top E-Bikes of 2023

Top E-Bikes of 2023

Cycling is one of the most extensive forms of cardio, with mountain bikes at the top of the list of workout methods. E-Bikes, or electric bikes – tackle this task easily while adding the convenience of a moped-like battery-powered motor that adds pedal assist for a near-effortless commuting alternative.

Many are beginning to enjoy the benefits of getting around on an e-bike, with many people using it as their main mode of transportation.

We’ve done our research and compiled a list of the top e-Bike models and companies that capture the adventurous lifestyle of motorcycling in their brand and following.

Class 1 e-bikes

The e-bikes in this category usually stick to the tried-and-true design of traditional Cycling bikes, where the rider only uses Pedal Assist. In this class the top speed you can achieve on your e-bike is 20 mph before the motor shuts off. In this class, you are granted access to the same roads and trails that are available to non-motorized bicycles. Although some of the bikes in this category can be unlocked by contacting the manufacturer, they ship out of the box locked to this Class speed to meet local laws and regulations regarding motorized vehicles.

Helm City

The Helm City is arguably the most bike-looking e-bike available, with a removable battery that looks like a slender water bottle – the City by Helm is an e-bike that will blend in with the sleekest acoustic mountain bikes. It’s also an e-bike that comes with a throttle, so technically it’s not a Class 1 e-bike. It’s lightweight (38 lbs) and sleek looks place it in the Class 1 category.

Cowboy 4/4 ST

Cowboy’s 4th iteration of their sleek e-bike has a dedicated cockpit for your smartphone, an inconspicuous battery with a integrated brake light, and advanced anti-theft tracking.

VanMoof S5

The Vanmoof S5

Urtopia Chord

The Chord by Urtopia looks like it’s shaping up to be one of the smartest e-bike’s on the market. One of the lightest (46 lbs) e-bikes with the longest range (75 miles) and smart features that will put your smartphone to shame.


The City Robin X by Euphree

Velotric Thunder 1

The Thunder 1 by Velotric

Class 2 e-bikes:

The e-bikes in this category gives the rider access to both Pedal Assist and a throttle. Typically Class 2 e-bikes can achieve a top speed of 20mph and can be ridden where traditional bikes are allowed to (bike trails, etc.) – although terrains that are more suitable for off-road is best as the power of the throttle can damage the turf on bike trails.

The EBC Model J

The Model J by the Electric Bike Company is the bike of your dreams

While the Electric Bike Company is a pioneer in electric bike manufacturing, the Model J is the newest bike added to their extensive lineup of awesome e-bikes. With the ability to be equipped with 3 batteries that add a whopping 195 mile range per charge, the Model J is the e-bike of an urban commuter’s dreams.

Super73 R-Brooklyn (R-Adventure Series)

Super 73 R-Adventure Series

Super73 is one of the most recognized brands making electric bikes, The R-Adventure Series is Super73’s flagship model and features Full suspension, improved weight distribution, and longer seats which makes it a comfortable option for Urban Commuting. The 73 R-Brooklyn (pictured below) features the powerful Rugged-series drive system, a new LED headlight and LZRD tires for city and street racing.

The 73 R-Brooklyn in the Blu Tang Colorway

Spark Cycleworks Bandit

Class 3 e-Bikes

QuietKat Jeep Rubicon e-bike

The Rubicon is an electric motorbike by QuietKat made in partnership with Jeep – which takes their Jeep e-Bike and adds up to 42% more range.  QuietKat is one of the leading companies making E-Bikes, and their motorbike styled e-bike is arguably some of the most durable and reliable on the market.

Volcon Brat

C3Strom Astro Pro

C3strom Astro Pro

The Astro Pro is an electric motorbike by C3strom – which takes their C3strom Astro and adds a bigger battery. Their motorbike styled e-bike is sleek and stylish.

Onyx CTY2

The Onyx CTY2 is a sleek looking and fast e-Bike.

The Onyx CTY2 | 60V is the latest refresh of the successful CTY e-Bike from Onyx.

Ride 1Up Revv1

The Revv 1 by Ride 1Up

Tenways AGO X

The AGO X by Tenways is an urban all-rounder e-bike built for any type of terrain.

Himiway Cobra Pro

Himiway Cobra Pro

Honorable Mentions

Juiced Crosscurrent X

The Crosscurrent X by Juiced

Juiced Bikes is another have an extensive line up, The Crosscurrent X is one of the most full-featured E-Bikes available today.

FLX Babymaker II

The Babymaker II

FLX’s Babymaker II and Weapon X cover both ends of the spectrum for riders

Juiced Weapon X


The Zoomo Sport


Dirwin Pacer

The Dirwin Pacer Commuter e-bike has a 500w/1000w peak Bafang motor, 300lbs max load, and 25mph Max Speed.

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