Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro preview, initial impressions

Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro preview, initial impressions

Weighting in at just 48lbs, the Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro is one of the lightest – and smartest – e-bikes available today.

At first glance, tha Carbon 1 Pro doesn’t look like an electric bike. Touting a sleek and lightweight carbon fiber frame, it looks just like a regular cyclist’s bike.

That is, until the reasonably loud Bluetooth speakers draw attention to the mini-LED smart box in the center of the handlebars.

The C1 Pro also contains a rechargeable battery in the down tube of it’s impressively compact and thin frame, making it a PEV that’s arguably the most trimmed-out bike available today..

I’m talking ChatGPT voice assistant, Bluetooth stereo speakers for your favorite streaming apps,3 PAS modes with a (somewhat) hidden Turbo mode, a headlight (and taillights) with turn-signal indicators, and even an embedded e-sim for recording your routes, calories burned, fingerprint lock/unlock access to the smart bar, and most importantly anti-theft GPS tracking to deter would be bandits from being tempted to take it – and an electric fence alarm for the ones who dare to try.

It’s all brought together by the Urtopia app’s detailed control center for the bike:

While we haven’t had the e-bike for long, so we need a bit more time to take the bike through its paces and determine if it’s ready for the mainstream. But we will have a better idea in the coming week or two. Our full-on review of the Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro will be published shortly.

For more info: Urtopia Website

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