Bitwig Studio 4 review: Modular Musical Masterpiece

Bitwig Studio 4 review: Modular Musical Masterpiece
BItwig Studio 4

Name: Bitwig Studio

Description: One of the newer DAWs on the Block - features a one-screen workflow, plug-in sandboxing crash protection, and a completely modular sound design environment.

Offer price: 399.99

Currency: $

Operating System: "Windows", "MacOS", "Linux"

Application Category: Music Production

  • UX/Design
  • Sound Library
  • Features
  • Stabiity
  • Price
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Pretty damn stable, versatile, all-around good DAW


  • Flexible,modern UI that touchscreen compatible
  • Unique Creative Effects Built-In
  • Great Modular Ecosystem with the Grid
  • Decent, Versatile Sound Library



Sound library could be bigger

Berlin is known as the EDM capital of the world, where the rave scene, drum machines, samplers, and digital audio workstations all originated and electronic workflows are innovated. Along comes another music software company, aiming for your ears and wallet. But wait for a sec…before you write this DAW off as just another cookie-cutter app in an already convoluted market- you might want to give Bigwig Studio a look…

Check our Bitwig Studio Listening Session Above

Bitwig Studio is a professional Digital Audio Workstation for Windows, macOS, and Linux (impressively). At version 4, it’s possibly the youngest of the big-time DAWs, so while it is maturing into a complete package with 80+ instruments and effects – it’s 10GB sound library is a bit narrow in genre scope. I do have confidence that it will expand as new versions of Bitwig are released, if the excellent instruments kits and effect presets are any indication.


The flexible, panel-based interface allows for quick access to Bigwig’s three main layout’s: Arrange, Edit, and Mix – with various display settings that will allow you to add external monitors. There is also a Touch Layout – making Bitwig Studio ‘s interface 100% compatible with touchscreen displays.

The Arrangement View

You can record and edit you takes in this section.

Mixer View

Apply audio FX, route tracks to Bus/Aux tracks

All aspects of the User Interface are accessible from within one screen, bringing the most relevant window view to the forefront – depending on the tasks you set out to accomplish. All instruments, effects, loops and one-shot sounds are available within the right panel – drag-and-drop capable. The selected track and its corresponding mixer channel are available in the left panel – with the instrument, effect, or audio details available in the bottom center panel.

Sound Devices

While we won’t cover every instrument and effect that comes with Bitwig, we will take a look at a few to give you an idea of the look, feel,

Phase 4

Bitwig’s Phase Manipulation Synthesizer. Has four-oscillators that can be manipulated by modulation and distortion.


A subtractive synthesizer with tons of tweaks on deck.

Drum Machine

A very flexible drum kit machine with the ability to assign and send individual pads to any track.


Where all of your loops, slices and phrases live

Introducing the Grid

The Grid, a modular creative space that allows you to truly create your own unique sound connecting over 160 different modules to your heart’s desire. This section might invoke a familiarity with tools like Native Instrument’s Reaktor, Max for Live, which offers similar tools – but Bitwig’s grid platform feels more integrated than the former.

The Poly Grid is the area where you build your creations that generate sound. Step Arpeggiators, Sound-Warping, filtered-out Samplers, polyphonic synthesizers are all just a few modules away in the signal chain.

Bigwig’s Poly Grid signal chain view

The FX Grid allows you to create truly unique sounding effects, taking your sound to new levels of individuality and gets you closer to crafting an original sound. This takes Bitwig to new levels other music production apps can’t quite go, shaking the pre-conceived notion to avoid a DAWs ‘stock sounds’ – you can make variations of a kick or snare from just one quite easily.

Bigwig’s FX Grid signal chain view


If you love the idea of music production software that offers a sound synthesis palette of modules that connect along a signal chain to create custom synths, samplers, and effects; A broad selection of sound designer tools, as well as compatibility with Linux, macOS, and Windows – Bitwig Studio, might be the DAW for you. The included 10GB of loops, drum kits, and instrument presets isn’t as large as the competition, or even some standalone virtual instruments – but when you factor in the expansive sound designing tools on offer it really doesn’t matter. The versatile collection of sounds (which the majority are one-shot samples and loops) gives a solid foundation to build upon. This is a music-making program to keep an eye on.