Celebrating our INDEPENDENCE from subscription-based cloud storage providers

Celebrating our INDEPENDENCE from subscription-based cloud storage providers
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pCloud is a relative newcomer in the cloud storage market that has apps for every major platform, including Linux. It offers up to 10GB of free storage, and is also the only provider on this list that offers a lifetime subscription for a one-time purchase!

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Features List

Crypto Folder

Security is at the forefront of pClouds feature set, with TLS/SSL encryption which is applied the moment you transfer a file from your device to pClouds servers. But the built-in security can be hardened with the Cloud Crypto add-on.

pCloud Crypto, is client-side encryption which no-one – not even pCloud – will have the keys for file-decryption. Set a password for your Crypto folder and you are the Supreme gatekeeper to what your place in it.

Integrated Media Previewing

All of your media – from music, videos, documents and photos are within reach as if they were on your devices internal storage, with advanced previewing and playback.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone ensure that your content is available to your from anywhere, anytime!

Branded Links

There are a few features that are kept back for the Premium and Premium Plus users. The most notable being the ability to share BRANDED LINKS. Thats’s right, links to file that you share with the public can be branded with a unique look and feel – down to the logo, and custom message to greet the recipient. It’s truly a standout feature that we even use here at Labfreq to share content with our readers.

Backups from other popular services

One-click backups from third-party services like Google Photos, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Facebook!

pCloud’s new 10TB Custom Plan is

Click Image above for access to pCloud 10TB Lifetime plan

There are a lot of power players in the Cloud Storage game, many that can afford to throw hundreds of millions – if not billions – into ad budgets to popularize their services over a start-up that might be in business solely to provide cloud storage as a service – like Dropbox or iCloud. But you would be mistaken for assuming those services are better simply because they are better marketed and are more readily assessable due to them being integrated into your devices. I’m happy to reveal that is not the case in this instance, as deep pockets, a large product lineup, and a large workforce work against Big Tech in this case. pCloud is one hell of a standout option in a sea of myriad, redundant choices.

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