Lenovo Chromebook Duet Review:

Lenovo Chromebook Duet Review:
  • Build
  • Display
  • Price
  • Quality


The Chromebook Duet is geared toward a person who likes to have options.With it being priced at $329, this device is super affordable that definitely packs a lot of power in such small package.


  1. Battery
  2. Portable
  3. Display
  4. 2-N-1


1.Headphone Jack
3. Always make sure to power off once you finish using it as it can drain the battery faster 

Lenovo’s Chromebook Duet detachable 2-n-1 is the perfect mix of tablet and laptop all in one. The Duet can be used as a stylish sleek tablet or transformed into a portable laptop for on the go. Whether you are a student or a buyer the affordability, functionality and versatility will fascinate all users. Ideally the Chromebook duet is geared toward a person who likes to have options.With it being priced at $249, this device is super affordable that definitely packs a lot of power in such small package.

What is the Build:

The portable 10.1” screen switches from tablet to laptop in seconds with the detachable keyboard. Being that the price starts at $279 it’s ideal for anyone on a budget. Not to mention it’s amazingly fast boot up time requires no need for any other laptop. The Chromebook definitely outranks others by far, its device offers 4gb of RAM along with 64-128gb. I’m able to do a significant amount work and have all my entertainment needs right in the palm of my hands. Having 11-13 hours of battery life gets me through a whole entire 9 to 5 work day without needing to be charged. For such a small device.

How Does it Look?

It features a two color combo of grey and light blue. While the tablet stand itself, consist of material that is a marbled grey color. The screen measures out to be 10.1” according to Lenovo. While watching The Netflix original “Work It” on the screen, I noticed crisp color productions and sharp screen images. Tablet mode offers wonderful entertainment right at your finger tips. Not only does the image have exceptional quality. With the detachable keyboard, the display screen has quite the eye catching display visuals. For such a small device I was not expecting the quality to be on par with other major laptop brands, but I was proven wrong. The Chromebook Duet in my eyes has been one of the best portable devices I’ve ever used. I choose to use it over my laptop any-day.

Is it Affordable?

The best part about it is being priced at just $249, there is no way you could pass up getting this amazing portable Chromebook. As a student that’s on budget I’m able to get all my task done and still enjoy watching the latest movies and TV shows whenever I want all thanks to Lenovo’s Chromebook Duet. It is absolutely worth spending $249 on trust me when I say “don’t hesitate just buy it”. You won’t regret buying it for yourself. Wait till you see how much you’ll love using it, you’ll never want to use a bulky heavy laptop ever again.

Overall, Lenovo’s Chromebook Duet is an exceptional device everyone should invest in getting one, no matter what it is you do. All I need is my headphones and I’ll be good for the whole day using this device. It’s definitely ideal for on the go and small enough to fit easily into backpacks,purses, or just to carry around in the palm of your hands.

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