LG G7 ThinQ Hands On

LG G7 ThinQ Hands On
If you hadn’t noticed by now,I have an affinity for LG’s flagship smartphones. From the  camera lenses to the Audio recording features, LG has made professional-grade content creation tools the focus for the last two to three iterations of it’s G and models. As if the 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad-DAC wasn’t enough, a few new Audio enhancing features have been added to it’s latest and greatest flagship device the G7 ThinQ.
Aside from the Hi-Fi Audio that doesn’t kick in unless you have pair of headphones plugged into the (still present) 3.5mm jack, LG is
touting it’s new Boombox speaker that amplifies audio when the phone is placed on a flat surface. By turning the space behind the speaker and battery into a resonance
chamber, LG is claiming a 39% bass enhancement over last year’s G6.

Wrapping up the sonic goodies, DTS:X Audio brings “spatial sound, so audio sounds as if it’s coming from all directions even overhead.”
While this makes for great movie and gaming sessions (I played round of PUBG and could sense the location of others by the sound of
their footsteps), I found DTS:X made audio files sound muted and dull.

On the image front, Dual 16MP rear Cameras offer wide angle lenses as the main feature opposed to a telephoto lens to support
(useless imo) Portrait Mode, and much improved 8MP front facing camera. (Although Portrait Mode is feature for both the rear Cameras and selfies)
Even the screen is touting new technology an, 6.1 QHD Super Bright M+LCD Display which
gets up to 1000 nits in direct sunlight for up to 3 minutes.
The specs run in line with what you expect from a 2018 flagship, Snapdragon 845 processor,64GB of internal storage SD card slot, and 4GB of RAM.
I will be taking the G7 through its paces for
bit, and get back with a full review of the
device shortly.

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