Music Production Workshop: FL Studio Mobile 4

Music Production Workshop: FL Studio Mobile 4

Musical ideas can happen at any time. Rhythms and melodies tend to come at you while your during the most mundane tasks, like mowing the yard or cleaning your space. While memory has stood the test of time as our internal scratchpad, technology has gotten more capable, more compact, more accessible each generation.

Many people don’t know the smartphones and tablets they carry on their person everyday is several times more powerful than the most iconic 4-track recorders, drum machines and groove boxes. When an iPhone or Galaxy device is running GarageBand, Cubasis 3 or , paired with a modest MIDI controller like the ATOM SQ by PreSonus or the Akai MPK Mini – the creative abilities are on par with a recording studio that would have cost tens of thousands 15 years ago.

the Xiaomi 11T, used to create the content for this video and FL Session

To celebrate the times and plethora of tools available for creatives and musicians alike, we’re sharing a hip-hop/trap beat made in Image-Line’s FL Studio Mobile on an Android smartphone, the Xiaomi 11T. Check it out in the video:

Demonstrating the power and potential we all have within our reach at any given time with the capabilities of our smartphones alone, Tre’mendous shares one of his FL Studio Mobile sessions titled “LBFQ Theme” with aspiring creatives and allows us to follow along in the session, remix, or record your own vocals!

Download the session by following these steps:

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Once you create a pCloud account, download the session below or add it to your new pCloud Drive for later use!

FL Studio Mobile Session File and Audio Stems:

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