PreSonus Revelator Review

PreSonus Revelator Review
PreSonus Revelator USB Mic
  • Build
  • Sound Quality
  • Features
  • Ecosystem
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A great sounding USB-powered microphone with built-in DSP and the ability to save 5 presets which can be switched a the push of a button, the Revelator Mic is a swiss-knife of quality vocal recording.


  • Great Audio Quality
  • Built-in Noise Gate makes for great field recordings
  • 5 presets can be assigned to the mic


  1. No Revelator  app for Android/iOS, would be awesome though 

PreSonus, manufacturers of some of the world’s most renowned Audio Interfaces, Control Boards, Mixing Consoles, Preamps, and Microphones – releases the Revelator USB mic for project studios , gamers and podcasters. We take it through the paces to see if it adds something new to the market and offers new and rare features. To find out where the Revelator stands in the grand scheme of a recording setup, keep reading.

The Revelator Mic is USB-C powered, and connects to Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices. For Windows and MacOS, it has a software hub that adds the ability to broadcast a feedback signal (useful for podcasts) and source mixing (game streaming). But the most useful and powerful feature, is the Revelator’s ability to save up to 5 audio effect Presets directly into the microphone.

Top to Bottom: Preset (light blue), Monitor (dark blue), Volume (Press for Mute)

The Revelator Mic comes with 5 effects pre-installed, Plain/Dry, Broadcast, Slap Echo, Female Voice, and Screamer – which reminded me of a Megaphone. Any or all of the presets could be replaced with a new effect by connecting the Mic to your device with the software installed simply by connecting to two devices using the included USB-C cord.

The Revelator’s Default Preset is effect-free, and it has a flat and dry audio signal that provides clear and crisp vocals or field audio. Broadcast adds a rich EQ, Low Pass Filter, and AutoDuck all in one to give that ‘Radio Announcer’ sound. Female Voice is a Chipmunk-y, high pitched effect; as Screamer and Slap Echo have more self-explanatory Preset names.

The ATOM SQ + Revelator Mic + Studio One 5 = A Full-featured Music Studio (PC not included)

Revelator is a part of a suite of products from Presonus that offers an all in one solution for audio recording from the Home to full-fledged Recording Studios. Like in the picture above, where you can see the Revelator as part of a modern home recording studio. It comes with a table stand in the box, but it’s compatible with any standard mic stand, so it can be an all-around ‘Swiss Mic’ for recording any type of sound.

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