Smart Clock Essential Review

Smart Clock Essential Review
Lenovo Smart Clock Essential review
  • Display
  • User Interface
  • Features
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The Smart Clock Essential is a device that you didn’t know you needed until you’ve used it. A simple, unassuming clock with smart chops and top-notch audio abilities that will win you over instantly.


  • 4” LED screen  shows time,day of the week and weather
  • 3-Watt speaker has clear and crisp sound, and gets loud enough to fill a room
  • Dual far-field microphones enable Google Assistant to pick up voice commands from across the room
  • Useful Nightlight built-in


  • Not many ways to activate color on the LED display, mostly monochrome

The second iteration of Lenovo’s Smart Clock has hit retail shelves nationwide. Does it tick all the right boxes or is it all hype?

With smart speakers and Smart displays set to join Smart TVs, smart doorbells, smart thermometers, and smart light bulbs in the quest to make your residence a smart home; Lenovo’s released a smart clock as a bedside control center for those who desire to bring it all together with the Google Home app.

The Smart Clock Essential has a 4″ LED display, with four buttons at the top for Volume (- +), a Play/Pause button, and one designated for the alarm. there is also a dedicated button on the back to enable/disable the built-in microphone and a USB port to charge your smartphone/watch, etc.

The build quality is nice, with the poly-carbonate back and hard-woven fabric meeting seamlessly in a monochromatic rainbow of greys that complement the black LED display in an inconspicuous manner. This Smart Clock will blend and fit in beautifully anywhere in your home.

At last, you can finally have the last word

Although the four physical buttons cover the ‘essential’ features of the Smart Clock, it’s Google Assistant that’s the star of the show. The smart features come from interacting with the device with your voice, activating routines with the “Ok Google” command. You can tell the Clock to “Set an Alarm for 8 AM Tuesday” or “Play my favorite podcast on Spotify”. The possibilities are endless, and you can even create clusters of commands for the Assistant to carry out when you say keywords like “Goodnight” or “Good Morning”.

Integrate the smart clock into your setup with Google Home

Setting up the Smart Clock is fairly simple and straightforward, I downloaded the Google Home app on an iPhone and Pixel to discover the experience is identical across platforms.

The real power behind the voice controlling the Smart Clock is Routines which allow to dim the lights, set an alarm, start your security cameras and more – with a simple command like, ‘Ok Google I’m leaving home”. Really cool, neat stuff.

Settings in the Google Home app
The Smart Clock Essentials response to “Good Morning”
My very custom Goodnight routine


Lenovo’s Smart Clock essential has changed my perception of the usefulness of smart devices in the IoT (Internet of Things) market. It’s useful for many of the trivial things we do daily, and one-way technology could help increase our downtime away from our smartphone screens. It’s a smart clock with audio loud enough for music streaming and clear and crisp enough for audiobooks and podcasts. It’s also armed with Google Assistant, making a random internet search a question away. If you pull the trigger on this purchase, you won’t be disappointed.

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