Top 5 Apps for Online Banking in 2022 (USA)

Top 5 Apps for Online Banking in 2022 (USA)

Similar to the transportation, communication and media industries that have been usurped by catalytic innovations in tech – Banking firms seem to be on the cusp of some huge transformations.

That being said, the world of financial transactions and digital banking is already changing. There are newer platforms dominating the current landscape, leaving older banking institutions who couldn’t make the digital pivot quick enough to complete with more agile, modern banking apps – in the dust.

We’ve tested, reviewed, and compiled a collection of the best banking apps available today. Read below and find out which banks we think land in our top 6.

Best of Old Guard

5. Capital One – One of the OGs that’s been around for decades, Capital One has made the transition to online banking the rather smoothly. Online Banking is one of the stronger sides of the Cap app, and it also lets you to keep track of your credit score with its Creditwise platform.

4. Chase Bank – There’s a Chase in every neighborhood, with over 4,700 branches and 16,000 free ATMS around the world. If you are deeply vested in Chase’s platform – you are in good company. Although using one of the higher ranked digital platforms as a transaction buffer would be a smart practice.

Honorable Mention

Bank of America – One of the better retail banks with high-ranked customer support, Bank of America has done a decent job making all of their financial tools accessible from within their mobile app. A decent business banking option as well.

All Digital, No-Fee Banking Apps

3. Cash App

Many people use Cash App to send money to friends and family, and it’s probably the most popular app on this list for that purpose. It’s also the the most used by meta-panhandlers and scammers as well, so tread lightly. A lot of people get got for they’re hard-earned money on this platform – generally older, less tech-savvy people who link an account from one of the brick and mortar traditional banks; only to find out they do not consider such transactions unauthorized.

Outside of that, Cash App is probably to the most used digital platform today for regular consumers. What many don’t know is Cash App also let’s you invest in stocks and cryptocurrency. Pioneer of account handles (like twitter or instagram user names for accounts), and no-fee transfers, Cash App is a decent gateway buffer for transferring money digitally.

2. SoFi – You be earning more money in for time with SoFi Checking and Savings. You’ll earn up to 1.00% APY and pay no account fees. Another interesting thing about SoFi, is you have the ability to invest in public companies, cryptocurrency, and link account a from other banks to manage your entire financial portfolio in one app. Another interesting feature is SoFi powers Samsung Pay, so setting up a Samsung Money checking account automatically sets you up.

Get a $25 bonus when you sign up for SoFi, and an additional $100 bonus when you set up direct deposit.

1. Chime – Chime is a full-service banking platform with Checking and Savings accounts – along with their Credit Builder platform integrated in one account. Deposit funds with your Chime card fee-free at any CVS or Walgreens, and qualify for up to $200 in overdraft funds with the SpotMe feature when you get direct deposit.

While Chime has no physical branches, 24/7 customer support is available- and they have one of the most flexible transaction reversal programs I’ve ever experienced.

Free cash deposits, robust account linking through Plaid, and a highly effective Credit Building secured card with every account – gets Chime the #1 spot on our best banking apps for 2022 list. Sign up for an account and receive $15 using the link below!

Earn $15 when you sign up for Chime, and $100 when you receive a qualifying direct deposit!

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