Withings Scanwatch Review

Withings Scanwatch Review
Withings Scanwatch Review
  • Battery
  • Build Quality
  • Features
  • Fitness/Health
  • Software


The Withings Scanwatch is the smartwatch you get when you want more fitness/health tracking than smarts; more of a traditional timepiece than a wrist gadget. It has a classic high-quality build, unassuming health and fitness features, and a simple yet robust notifications system.


  • Premium Build Quality
  • 30-day Battery life
  • Advanced Health Monitoring features


  • More Hybrid than Smartwatch

Withings have finally received FDA clearance to release their hybrid fitness wearable – the Scanwatch, in the U.S. While this wearable isn’t exactly new, features like EKG, 24hr heart rate tracking, and 30-day battery life, make it one of the most advanced watches on the market. Here we take a deep dive to see if the Scanwatch is worth your time and money.

If the photos don’t show the premium finish of this hybrid watch, rest assured the quality is upper echelon. Withings Scanwatch is made of Stainless Steel including the back where the sensors are housed – with Sapphire glass covering the watch face, which comes with a black or white dial. Our review unit, which was provided by Withings – had the white dial.


●        Clinically validated detection of atrial fibrillation by ECG

●        Heart Rate scan every 10 minutes using a PPG sensor

●        Clinically validated SpO2 

●        Automatic activity tracking (walking, running, swimming, distance, and calories burned)

●        Training mode with up to 30 activities (measurement of distance, pace, and altitude)

●        Fitness level assessment with VO2 Max

●        Sleep monitoring (length, quality, sleep phases)

●        Smart smartphone notifications

●        Altimeter records floors traveled

●        Water-resistant up to 5 ATM

●        Up to 30 days battery life

Fitness Features

The Scanwatch has a circular OLED screen right below the 12, that shows the time, BPM, steps, distance walked by the mile, floors, EKG, sp02, Workout and Breathe for wellness, providing details which you can view with a press and twist of the watches’ crown. While those quick views contain a ton of info, it’s the Withings Health Mate app that gives you detailed stats on your fitness.

The Health Mate app goes a long way in adding smart health tracking and wellness features to the Scanwatch, complementing its hybrid nature by handling the heavy lifting most other watches handle on the device – at the expense of battery life. Not to mention its awesome UI and deep integration with other platforms like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health.


Touting all the fitness tracking features the latest smartwatches on the market have to offer – without the intrusive, geek-Esque appeal – the Scanwatch is easily one of the best fitness wearables on the market. It has impressive 30-day battery life (I got two weeks before the watch drained the battery to 60%), the high-end build of a Swiss timepiece, and enough sensors to stay in the cutting-edge for the next few years. The Scanwatch is the watch for those who like the classic look, but want all the latest health perks a fitness tracker has to offer.

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