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Studio One 4 Professional Review: the Complete Package

Studio One, a post-millennial DAW that entered the market more recently- is fast approaching ‘established brand’ status. As we near it’s 10th year anniversary, we take a look at version 4.5 of the digital audio workstation.

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Is PUBG Mobile “Fortnite for Grown-Up Gamers”?

PUBG Mobile is a slimmed down version of PUBG for PC,PS4, and Xbox. The premise of the game is straightforward: 100 Players parachute from an airplane unto various locations and scavenge for weapons, ammo and various useful goods to survive.

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Affinity Photo Review: Watch your back Adobe!

If you already have your Video editing and Web Design tools covered and need a program that allows you to go all out and cover your post photography needs, you might want to take a look at Affinity Photo. It just may be all the Photoshop you’ll ever need.

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FL Studio 20.5 Review: The most popular DAW on the block

With an instrument and effect collection that could stand it’s own against any other DAW, and a price to entry that ensures you’re never left behind the curve with software updates – FL Studio just may be all the music production software you’ll ever need.

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Audio Evolution Mobile: Video Review

Audio Evolution Mobile is one of the newer DAWs on the rise, with versions for Android and iOS. Developed by ExtremeSD, it’s a linear multitrack audio and MIDI recording program. The Android version doesn’t stray far from the iOS version, with the only real difference is the ability to use other apps like VSTs/VSTis using…

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Lenovo Legion Y740 Review: Mobile, PC-class gaming refined

The question you’re probably asking yourself if your reading this article is if the Legion Y740 is one of those machines that will make your Xbox and PlayStation playpals give you the envy eye…

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